"I have known Megan for almost 15 years.  For 10 of those years we served on the Board of Directors for the Homes First Foundation, of which she was the chair.  For three of those years we both served together on the Board of Directors of The Advocates’ Society, during which time she was the leader of several important board initiatives, and the chair of several key committees. Through our friendship, and professional interactions I have come to know Megan extremely well. Megan has always impressed me not just because of her sharp intellect, but because of the drivers that seem to motivate most of her actions – namely social justice, equality, and excellence in the profession.  She is the type of voice the profession needs, that women in the profession need, and that those who are not fully and properly represented in the profession need. For these reasons I am enthusiastically endorsing her candidacy for bencher."

- Sandra Barton, Partner,
Gowlings WLG (Toronto)

"The Law Society needs benchers like Megan contributing to our governance. She will make a difference."

- Frank Addario, 
Addario Law Group LLP (Toronto)

"Among her many other contributions to the profession and community, Megan was a fantastic director with The Advocates' Society. She works hard and gets stuff done. Plus she's tall. Vote for her."

- Bradley E. Berg, Partner,
Blakes (Toronto)

"If you want elected benchers who are thoughtful, intelligent, hard-working, dedicated and practical, then you must vote for Megan Shortreed. I first met Megan when she was volunteering many hours to the work of the Retention of Women in Private Practice Working Group several years ago. Her work on that project was impressive. I have seen her engaged in other Law Society issues and initiatives since then, and she always impressed me with her preparation, her ability and willingness to examine issues from different perspectives, her common sense and her collegiality. I predict she will make a huge contribution to the work of Convocation in the years ahead. Please support her campaign and be sure to vote for her."

- Thomas G. Conway,
Former Treasurer, Law Society of Ontario (Ottawa)

"I have known Megan throughout my career, as an advocate, colleague, opposing counsel and as members of the Board of the Advocates' Society. Megan has always brought a commitment to effective advocacy, learning, mentoring and giving back to the legal community, as well as the community at large. I consider Megan to be a strong candidate for Bencher and I am pleased to support her."

- Scott Fairley, Partner,
Dooley Lucenti LLP (Barrie)

"Megan is exactly the type of Bencher that Convocation needs. She's energetic, committed, a fierce advocate and a leader who understands what it means to govern in the public interest. I am looking forward to serving with her in Convocation during the next four years."

- Jacqueline Horvat, Bencher

"Megan is an accomplished advocate, who has superb judgement. She well understands the various pressures and stresses that face our profession today. She is forward looking, empathetic and reasonable. I have no hesitation in endorsing her for Bencher. We will be fortunate to have her turn her many talents to better governance of our profession."

- Anil K. Kapoor
Kapoor Barristers (Toronto)

"I support Megan for Bencher. I served with Megan on the board of The Advocates' Society. She is hard working, thoughtful and well prepared. Megan understands the challenges faced by lawyers all across Ontario. She appreciates the Law Society's important role in regulating the profession and protecting the public. She understands the numbers and will ensure that our Law Society is financially responsible. Megan will bring a strong voice to Convocation."

- Peter W. Kryworuk, Partner,
Lerners (London)

"As the co-chair of the Justicia Project at the Law Society, I worked closely with Megan for five years. Megan was a key contributor to Justicia's success. She understands the delicate balance between the Law Society as a regulator and its obligation to lead the profession on current issues."

- Laurie H. Pawlitza, Former Treasurer,
Law Society of Ontario (Toronto)

"This is a really important election. I've known Megan her entire career. She has what it takes to make a real difference to do the heavy lifting at the LSO: she's smart, hardworking, passionate and fair minded. She deserves your vote."

- Linda Rothstein, Partner,
Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP (Toronto)

"Megan is thoughtful about the issues that matter most to the profession, including access to legal services and diversity, which are closely related. She is pragmatic and will bring both deep commitment to the issues, but also common sense and collegiality. Megan will make a valuable and needed voice among the Benchers."

- Gale Rubenstein, Partner,
Goodmans LLP (Toronto)

"Megan Shortreed will be a strong and progressive new voice at the Law Society. We need more benchers like her."

- Paul Schabas, Former Treasurer,Law Society of Ontario (Toronto)

"I've come to know Megan as a lawyer who truly understands our collective responsibilities to the public as a self-regulating profession. Megan is a leader who can foster consensus on the important issues our profession must address over the next 4 years. I trust her to be a fair representative on issues such as pro bono, family law practice, diversity, and articling. I am happy to endorse her candidacy for Bencher."

- Charlene Theodore, Labour Lawyer (Toronto)

"I strongly endorse Megan for bencher. She brings experience, wisdom, an indomitable work ethic, and most importantly a strong dose of good common sense. Exactly the kind of person who we need to lead our profession!"

- Marg Waddell, Partner,
Waddell Phillips Professional Corporation (Toronto)

Others who support Megan for Bencher

Sarah J. Armstrong (Toronto)
Brian A. Babcock (Thunder Bay)
François Baril (Ottawa)

Sarit E. Batner (Toronto)
Colin Baxter (Ottawa)

Andrew Bernstein (Toronto)

Sonia Bjorkquist (Toronto)

Jack Braithwaite, Bencher (Sudbury)

Christopher Bredt, Bencher (Toronto)

Lisa Brownstone (Toronto)

Shantona Chaudhury (Toronto)
Mark D. Contini (Toronto)
Noel Courage (Toronto)
Jeff Cowan (Toronto)
Domenic A. Crolla (Ottawa)
Erin Cullin (Timmins)
Tom Curry (Toronto)

Dirk Derstine (Toronto)
Rebecca Durcan, Bencher (Toronto)
Ross F. Earnshaw, Bencher (Kitchener)

Norm Emblem (Toronto)
Alan A. Farrer (Toronto)

Scott K. Fenton (Toronto)
Rosemary A. Fisher
Robin Flumerfelt (Toronto)

Sandra Forbes (Toronto)
Aaron Franks (Toronto)

The Honourable Stephen T. Goudge, Q.C. (Toronto)

Brian Gover (Toronto)
Stephen M. Grant, LSM, ASM (Toronto)
Peter Hrastovec (Windsor)

Monique Jilesen (Toronto)
Eliot N. Kolers (Toronto)
Alfred Kwinter (Toronto)

Adrian Lang (Toronto)
Matthew Latella (Toronto)
Paul Le Vay (Toronto)
Larry Lowenstein (Toronto)
Alex MacFarlane (Toronto)
J. Scott Maidment (Toronto)

Kate Manning (Toronto)
Alan Mark (Toronto)
Naveen Mehta (Toronto)
Elizabeth McIntyre (Toronto)
Shawn McReynolds (Toronto)

Isfahan Merali, Bencher (Toronto)

Janet Minor, Former Treasurer, LSO (Toronto)
Lisa C. Munro

Barbara Murchie, Bencher (Toronto)

Deborah Palter (Toronto)

Jennifer Penman (Toronto)
Christopher Pibus (Toronto)

Linda Plumpton (Toronto)
Julian Porter

Guy Pratte (Ottawa/Toronto)
Shawn Richard (Toronto)

Larry Ritchie (Toronto)

Lonny J. Rosen (Toronto)
Nancy M. Shapiro (Toronto)
Laura B. Stewart (Ottawa)
Tara M. Sweeney (Ottawa)
Anne M. Turley (Ottawa)

Lynne Vicars (Toronto)
Adam Wagman (Toronto)

Frank Walwyn (Toronto)
Dave Williams (London)

Alexi Wood (Toronto)
Maryth Yachnin (Toronto)

Organizations that support Megan for Bencher

Canadian Association of Black Lawyers
Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (Ontario)
Law Needs Feminism Because
The Law Union of Ontario
uOttawa Chapter


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